Open 7 nights for dinner, from 6pm until late
and for lunch Friday to Sunday from 11am.

Call today: 0412447282 or (07) 5570 1222
Georges is still open and happy to take your reservations
Sorry we will be closed for Christmas Day..



  • 7.9
    Lemon or Mango Sorbet

    Traditional Italian gelato

  • 10.9
    Old Favourite Strawberries and Ice Cream

    Vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberries

  • 14.9
    Affagato Frangelico

    Vanilla ice cream with espresso & frangelico liqueur

  • 14.9
    Strawberry Sorbet with Vodka & Cointreau

  • 13.9
    Sticky Date Pudding

    Served warm with ice cream

  • 16.9
    Banana Crepes

    Traditional crepes served with banana and kahlua

  • 16.9
    Strawberry Crepes

    Traditional crepes suzette with fresh strawberries

  • 13.9
    Tira Mi Su

    Sponge finger biscuits dipped in marsala and coffee, layered with marscapone cheese

  • 13.9
    Créme Caramel

    Made fresh daily with chantilly cream

  • 13.9
    Grand Marnier Profiteroles

    Pastry filled with liqueur and custard, covered with warm chocolate fudge